Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Something Old and Something New

Hey there, Susan here, remember me?  Yes, I did give up the Bitten By the Bug 2 blog less than two weeks ago.  Well as quickly as things change, they change again!

It seems that I am back from a mini-retirement, with a new co-leader, to keep the blog and the Design Team going.  

Who is this new co-leader you ask?  None other than our lovely, talented, and amazing Melanie Brown!!  Melanie left the Design Team with me, but when I boomeranged back I asked Melanie to boomerang back with me, and to become a co-leader.  After some serious begging she agreed - mostly because she is a honey!

One of the things I love most about Bitten By the Bug 2, aside from our devotion to the Cricut, is that the blog really is a team effort. Everyone selects challenge and hosts challenges.  Someone is in charge of our birthday calendar.  We discuss any changes.  And I feel like we support one another.  I know the team supported me when I had my mini-retirement and I so appreciated their efforts.

I hope that you will excuse our burp in leadership and direction (just view it as a two week vacation) and will continue to join us as we move forward.  So go crank up those Cricut machines and let's get cutting!!!