Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day Challenge

Happy Leap Day! Welcome to another Challenge here at BBTB2!
It's L.B. from Cool Beans by L.B. and I get to host this week's perfect for a day that only comes every 4 years.

I want to see your Leaping Projects... show me projects featuring something jumping or leaping. Have fun, be creative & enjoy. 

I can't wait to see what you come up with this week! Take the Leap of faith and make it a great one.

L.B. - All Sports & Jubilee

Maureen - Outdoor Man, Just Because Cards, Camp Out

Melanie - Pack Your Bags

Caroline-Pooh and Friends

Michelle-Kate's ABCs, Nate's ABCs

Susan - Mixed Drinks, Shall We Dance, St. Patrick's Day

Laurie - Live Simply, Give a Hoot

Emily - Playtime

Lynn - Nursery Rhyme, Cake Basics, Paper Lace
From My Kitchen, Designer's Calendar



  1. What an amazing combination of interpretations of this challenge! Great job, everyone!

  2. Great job Design Team! Wonderful projects of inspiration! Thanks for the fun challenge!

    Glenda's Cards

  3. Great leap projects Ladies!!! Love them all!! :)

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