Monday, April 17, 2017

Sweet Project Challenge

Hello friends,

Happy Easter! Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend and Mister Bunny left you some chocolate eggs :)

I thought that is a great time to create a Sweet Project for this week. You can use any cuts be associated with word SWEET - cake, candy, baby, just anything. Look what the Design Team prepare for your inspiration!

Valentyna - Home Decor

Maureen - Family Album, Cricut Keystone Font, etc.

 Susan - Simply Charmed, Country Life

Caroline - Artfully Sent

Michelle - Artbooking

Laurie - Sweet Shop

Marti - Sweet Treats

 I'm so excited to see what SWEET project you create!


1 comment :

  1. What I really like about these challenges is that I get to know creativity of people. Look at these cards hard to choose best among them